Ferrite is an open source project with the source code available at GitHub. Ferrite is also published at as the Cargo crate ferrite-session.

To start using Ferrite, simply create a new Cargo project and add ferrite-session as a dependency in Cargo.toml. Ferrite uses tokio to spawn async tasks, so you should add that as a dependency as well.

tokio = "1.6.1"
ferrite-session = "0.1.4"

To use the constructs provided by Ferrite, import everything from the ferrite_session::prelude module. You'd also need to provide a tokio runtime for Ferrite to spawn its async tasks. This can be done by adding the #[tokio::main] attribute to your main function.

use ferrite_session::prelude::*;

async fn main() { ... }

Next, we will learn how to use Ferrite to write a simple hello world program.